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Seizure the Day: Living a Happy Life with Illness

by Brian Orend

Everyone can live a happier life, especially those with chronic illnesses. Brian Orend’s smart and accessible guide for people with illness, injury, or other challenges provides both a satisfying look into happiness as well as practical steps for living a measurably happier life. [more]

The Student

by Cary Fagan

A portrait of a life in two snapshots:
1957, 2005

Set in Toronto, The Student is a compassionate and compelling novel that brings together two pivotal times in the life of Miriam Moscowitz—an ambitious, passionate student of literature. In precise prose, it reveals how we are shaped by, and try to overcome, the constraints of our times.


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Twin Studies

by Keith Maillard

A masterful novel about the bonds between twins, about sexuality and gender, and about the messy complexities of modern family life — the much-anticipated new novel, the first in more than a decade, from acclaimed writer Keith Maillard. [more]

All of Us in Our Own Lives

by Manjushree Thapa

A beautiful story of strangers who shape each other’s lives in fateful ways, All of Us in Our Own Lives delves deeply into the lives of women and men in Nepal and into the world of international aid. [more]


by Devin Krukoff

Felix wakes up one day to find himself with a girlfriend he doesn’t recognize, their life together that is unfamiliar. A novel, with his name on the cover, that he doesn’t remember writing. He’s been losing time since university. [more]