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The Weather Inside

by Emily Saso

It’s summer in Toronto, and the snow and ice are relentless. Too bad no one but Avery can see it.


by Clea Young

In Teardown, Clea Young navigates the whitewater of relationships—familial and romantic, between friends old and new.

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by John Bart

“This straightforward and engaging book takes a clean, sharp scalpel to dissect a time that has sad parallels with our own. The love story that runs like a gleaming thread through this dark account is one of the most intelligent and satisfying I can remember.”

— Marina Endicott

White Elephant

White Elephant

by Catherine Cooper

“A remarkable debut. Catherine Cooper writes with the insight and humanity and wit of a seasoned storyteller, making us root for her characters even as they pave the way to hell with their good intentions, and showing us in their follies a mirror of our own.”

Nino Ricci

Perfect World

Perfect World

by Ian Colford

Perfect World is unflinching in its presentation of a mind slowly unraveling. Perceptively charting one man’s lonely struggle against an inexorable foe, Ian Colford captures the stark complexities of mental illness like few others. At times brutal yet always deeply compassionate, Perfect World is a wonder.”

Corey Redekop