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Winter Child

Winter Child

by Virginia
Pésémapéo Bordeleau
translated by
Susan Ouriou and Christelle Morelli

A visceral, luminous novel about a Métis woman tracing the life and death of her son.


Searching for Petronius Totem

Searching for Petronius Totem

by Peter Unwin

An utterly original, satirical novel about a cross-country road trip, the meaning of art, and — as always — flying edible robot chickens.

What the Soul Doesn’t Want

by Lorna Crozier

An edgy, arresting collection of poetry about aging, grief, and the quirkiness and whimsy of the natural world.

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The Weather Inside

by Emily Saso

It’s summer in Toronto, and the snow and ice are relentless. Too bad no one but Avery can see it.


by Clea Young

In Teardown, Clea Young navigates the whitewater of relationships—familial and romantic, between friends old and new.