Cover of Are You Ready to Be Lucky? by Rosemary Nixon

Are You Ready to Be Lucky?

by Rosemary Nixon

August 27, 2013
5.5 x 8.5 paper 232 pages
CDN $21.95 | US $21.95

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Longlisted for the 2014 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award
Finalist for 2014 ForeWord Reviews Book of the
Finalist for the 2014 Alberta Trade Fiction Book of the Year

Are You Ready to Be Lucky? If so, meet Roslyn, a spirited divorcée eager for new beginnings. Meet Duncan, a British conman with a penchant for collecting ex-wives. Meet Floyd, a hard-living contractor who can fix anyone’s house but his own. Irritating, vulnerable, hopeful, they ricochet off one another, trailing a mess of family and friends, all of them trying to beat the odds and find happiness. With razor-sharp wit, Rosemary Nixon takes on the chaos and absurdity of friendship, marriage, divorce, and betrayal—and the heart-pounding, breathtaking, always astonishing complexities of luck and love.

“Hilarious, charging, gorgeous. There is so much to admire in a Rosemary Nixon story it’s hard to know where to begin.” – Lisa Moore, author of Caught and February

Praise for Rosemary Nixon

“Nixon’s style is fiercely observant, and her stories work together to convince us that the world is a crystal, held up to the light by a relentless storyteller.” – University of Toronto Quarterly

“Reader, be humble.  You are about to read greatness.  You are about to read a story that lifts our mortal lives into lamentation and wisdom and rapture and love.” – Robert Kroetsch



“I will tell you nothing about it because sometimes I’m like that. I will, however, tell you this: the chances are good you’ll enjoy this merry romp.” Matilda MagtreeOctober 6, 2014.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Are You Ready to Be Lucky? Nixon’s prose is witty and unflinchingly honest.” Freefall, Spring/Summer 2014.

Interview with “Lit Happens” on Shaw Television, April 2014.

Lengths we’ll go to for love, money,” Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, January 11, 2014.

“In her fourth book, Calgary’s Rosemary Nixon has created not just my most memorable fictional character of 2013, but also the runner-up.” Edmonton JournalDecember 19, 2013.

A ShortLitCrit Collective Favourite Short Story Collection of 2013

“Rosemary Nixon’s collection of linked short stories is one of the funniest, most original books I’ve read this year.” Pickle Me ThisDecember 4, 2013.

Are You Ready to Be Lucky?—note “be,” not “get”—is a wry take-down of the quick-fix, one-size-fits-all prescriptions administered by Dr. Phil and others who yell on TV… Nixon hilariously yet sympathetically allows her characters their absurd and impulsive decisions, at once foolhardy and hopeful. And of course we sympathize; we have all fallen, or will fall prey to the seduction of a quick life-correction at one point or another.” Alberta Views, December 2013.

Book Review: Are You Ready to Be Lucky?I’ve Read This, November 18, 2013.

Excerpt in the Calgary HeraldOctober 12, 2013.

“On inspiration, travel, and luck. Rosemary Nixon and her novel Are You Ready to Be Lucky?” Calgary is Awesome, October 2, 2013.

Interview with Trevor Corkum, October 1, 2013.

“Nixon’s prose renders clear-enough-to-break-the-heart pictures of life as we want it to be vs. life as it actually is… The characters of Are You Ready to Be Lucky? fumble hopelessly toward what they think they want. They get hurt, and hurt again. But deftly, tenderly, Nixon makes pileups of disappointments shine like broken glass in sand.” – National PostSeptember 27, 2013.

“Calgary author, Rosemary Nixon, lets her characters lead her to funnier and raunchier places,” Calgary HeraldSeptember 21, 2013.

Interview with Shaw TV, September 20, 2013.

“Rosemary Nixon launches new novel at Saskatoon Public Library,” Metro, September 19″, 2013.

“Saskatoon’s new writer-in-residence,” Morning News Saskatoon, September 18, 2013.

“Nixon’s characters reveal foibles rich with farce and this is where the author is at her best.” – Globe and MailSeptember 16, 2013.

“Author Rosemary Nixon opens up about writing,” Saskatoon Star-PhoenixSeptember 10, 2013.

Are You Ready to Be Lucky? is a novel that looks like a short story collection and tastes like a volume of haiku. With artfully drawn nature as backdrop, Nixon gives us Roslyn, Duncan and Floyd, characters colliding like pinballs, just trying to keep themselves from clattering down the hole. . . . Lonely and misguided, the main characters and their assorted sidekicks keep getting thwacked by life but they roll on anyway, often slipping down the same alleys and getting thwacked again, but always rolling on.” – Salon, Telegraph-Journal, August 24, 2013.