Seizure the Day

Living a Happy Life with Illness

by Brian Orend

January 1, 2019
5.5 x 8.5, paper, 416 pages
CDN $22.95

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This guide to being happy while living with chronic illnesses and conditions is grounded in scientific research.

When philosophy professor Brian Orend began having debilitating seizures that his doctors couldn’t explain, he set out to learn how he could be happier, despite his challenging circumstances. As he dove into books and research on happiness, he realized that most of the advice about happiness was aimed at “everyone” — failing to take into consideration the unique circumstances and challenges faced by those with chronic illnesses and conditions.

Grounded in the latest scientific research, Seizure the Day is specifically written for those experiencing ongoing health challenges. It’s a smart, accessible guide that provides not only a satisfying look into what happiness is, but also practical, hands-on steps for living a happier life. As Seizure the Day demonstrates, people confronting challenging circumstances can make themselves measurably and sustainably happier. A better life, for each of us, awaits.

Advance Praise for Seizure the Day

“How can you find happiness when the odds are stacked against you? Whatever your lot in life, Seizure the Day offers real world solutions and inspiration for how to become your happiest self” Roko Belic, director of the film Happy

“This is a beautiful book about struggle and overcoming, told with insight, wisdom, and good cheer. At once smart and funny, it will, quite literally, put a smile on your face” Darrin M. McMahon, author of Happiness: A History