Two Roads Home

by Daniel Griffin

September 12, 2017
5.5 x 8.5, paper, 344 pages
CDN $21.95

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A fast-paced story about the power of resistance, the fine line between activism and terrorism, and what happens when things go too far.

It is 1993 on Vancouver Island. A group of idealistic environmental activists, convinced their peaceful protests have been in vain, turn to sabotage. But in a single night everything they’ve worked for goes terribly wrong: a security guard arrives just as the group sets off an explosion at a logging company warehouse.

Two Roads Home follows these activists as their lives—and their cause—spiral out of control. Pete, who set the bomb, heads off the grid where he discovers a vibrant community of squatters who have been affected by the explosion in unexpected ways. Meanwhile, Pete’s mother is determined to track him down in hopes she can help clear his name.

In Two Roads Home, Daniel Griffin deftly re-imagines history: what if, instead of the peaceful anti-logging protests of the 1990s, things had gone too far? How far is too far, when it comes to protesting injustice? And what happens when that line is crossed?

Advance Praise for Two Roads Home

“Daniel Griffin’s Two Roads Home is a blistering examination of modern-day radicalism, a society’s collective guilt, and the possibility of redemption. As propulsive as a thriller, with characters so real they draw blood, this is a powerful novel that never lets up.”

— Steven Price, author of By Gaslight

“In this darkly beautiful tale, four idealists try to do ‘something good, something important, something no one else seemed willing to stand up and do.’ But it goes wrong and suddenly Pete Osborne is on the run, his mother Tab becomes a sleuth and we’re off into a page-turner of a story. Daniel Griffin’s compassionate eye follows his characters through the lush coastal forests, wilderness and waters of British Columbia, while he maps their emotional terrain keenly as a mind-reader. Two Roads Home is an elegantly crafted, nuanced work that reveals how we stretch our bonds, and sometimes betray them, to belong, matter or survive.”

— Shauna Singh Baldwin, author of The Selector of Souls, The Tiger Claw and What the Body Remembers

Reviews and interviews

“For author Griffin, there are Two Roads Home,” article by Wayne Grady, Kingston Whig-Standard, December 7, 2017.

“Griffin’s novel offers no easy answers, but this is appropriate, given that the questions it poses are complex and thorny. The ultimate message of Two Roads Home is that the way we navigate between conflicting ideals and imperatives owes as much to chance and circumstance as it does to determination.” – Quill and Quire, December 2017.

Article: “Daniel Griffin’s Two Roads Home shows that in life there isn’t always an antagonist.” Nexus, October 2017.