Clem Martini interview on CJSW 90.9 FM

Clem Martini chats about family caregiving and how quickly things can go south on The Almanacs on CJSW 90.9 FM, as well as his new book The Unravelling. There is a podcast recording of the interview here.


Two Roads Home in the Kingston Whig-Standard

Wayne Grady writes about Daniel Griffin’s Two Roads Home, and its Kingston connections, in the Kingston Whig-Standard. You can read the article here.


Article about family caregiving by Clem Martini in AlbertaViews

Clem Martini’s article “When Things Fall Apart: How Quickly Family Caregiving Can Go South” appears in the latest issue of Alberta Views magazine and online:


Winter Child review in What’s Up Yukon

Another new review of Winter Child by Virginia Pésémapéo Bordeleau this week, this time from What’s Up Yukon:

“Gripping memories of love and betrayal show how a history of residential schools and wartime conscription became a familial wound, deepening as the trauma of one generation gets inherited by the next. There is no doubt that Winter Child is a heavy read, but it is also a story of resilience… an amazing work of art.”

You can read the full review here.


CBC Books chats with Alison Watt

On the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, CBC Books chats with Alison Watt about why she wrote a novel inspired by the Halifax Explosion, glasswork, and finding the good in unbearable circumstances. You can read the interview here.


Quill and Quire reviews Two Roads Home

Amanda Leduc reviews Daniel Griffin’s debut novel Two Roads Home for Quill and Quire:

“Two Roads Home effectively pulls together a ragtag cast of characters. These figures appear like a single entity from afar, but upon closer inspection, they splinter into nuanced individuals the way the forest splits into separate trees when seen up close. Activists, squatters, and parents are all united by a desire to keep the things they love untouched and pristine – a desire that grows unwieldy and complex as the repercussions of the explosion ricochet out into the world and illuminate hopes and values that reside well beyond the land being fought over.”

You can read the full review online here.


Winter Child reviewed in Canadian Notes and Queries

JC Sutcliffe recently reviewed Virginia Pésémapéo Bordeleau’s Winter Child in the one hundredth issue of Canadian Notes and Queries:

“Poetic and hauntingly beautiful, Winter Child delicately describes, yet does not get swallowed up by, grief’s gaping hole. That beauty can come from such pain seems, on the one hand, tragic; yet the entire book is a testament to love and life.”


Lorna Crozier on the Next Chapter

Lorna Crozier talks about eggplants, mortality, and cockroaches with Shelagh Rogers on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter:

“I’m getting older. I’m very aware that life is getting shorter. Many of my friends are dropping dead. My husband is nine years older than me, so I’m grateful for every day and every year we have together. There is less ahead of us than there used to be. I’m thinking how to make each day as luminous as possible through the way I write about it and through what I observe and see.”

You can listen to their interview here, and find out more about Lorna’s latest collection, What the Soul Doesn’t Want.


What the Soul Doesn’t Want is a finalist for the GGs

Congratulations to Lorna Crozier, who is a finalist for the 2017 Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry for her collection What the Soul Doesn’t Want!

This is the fourth time that Lorna Crozier has been shortlisted for the GG Award for Poetry. She won the award 25 years ago, in 1992, for her landmark collection Inventing the Hawk.

This is the first time that Freehand Books has been shortlisted for the Governor General’s Literary Awards.


Book trailer for The Unravelling by Clem and Olivier Martini